Our passion

The Suit Process

We can produce a wide range of garments, from Lounge and Business suits to Morning, Evening Dress and Shooting Wear. All made using the same traditional bespoke methods.

Creating your bespoke suit

The Suit process


The Consultation

• Select cloth and lining
• Style and details to be discussed
• Set of measurements to be taken
• A deposit will be requested


The First Fitting

• Try on the Baist Fitting
• Try on the trousers if necessary
• Amend and discuss fit
• We normally have 1 or 2 fittings,
occasionally more if we think it is needed


Final Fitting and Collection

• Try on the suit in a finished state
• The suit is often correct at this point
and can be taken away to wear
• If any adjustments are needed
these normally take a few days
• Pay the balance on collection

Timing can vary depending on the time of year. The first suit that we can make for an individual can take 8-10 weeks.
Once we have a working pattern, 4-6 weeks is typical.