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Our Suits

We can craft your suit in a variety of different styles and cloths so you will definitely end up with the one that is perfect for you.

Morning Dress

Morning dress is usually worn for formal occasions such as, weddings, royal occasions and racing events such as Ascot.

‘Morning Dress’ consists of three elements: the morning coat, waistcoat and trousers.

The Morning Coat is longer in length, and cuts away at the front.

The Waistcoat beneath, tends to be made from a different cloth, in a contrasting colour; a popular choice is linen or a twill weave cloth.
The Trousers to morning dress are always brace trousers and are traditionally in a black and grey stripe cloth; however, it is also correct to have them made in the same cloth as the morning coat.

Wedding Outfits

There is no hard and fast rule as to what one should wear to their own wedding, unless you are required to wear morning dress.

We are extremely experienced in this field and will be glad to assist you in your choice; we are here to help create the style you wish to achieve for your special day.

Evening Dress

Evening dress normally consists of a single or double breasted suit, usually in black or midnight blue. The lapels are traditionally made in silk, whether it be satin silk or ribbed silk.

The trousers are normally plain bottomed with a silk stripe running down the outside seam; this silk also corresponds to the colour of the lapels.

Country Pursuits

For many years we have been working with the highest quality tweeds to create exquisite hunting and out door pursuit wear.

We guarantee that our extensive range of tweed will include exactly the cloth for you; however, if you have a preferred tweed that is not found in our bunches, we are happy to track it down for you.